What happens when the Helper needs Help? As human beings living in a busy stressful world, at times we find it helpful to turn to someone for support, guidance and assistance. We seek the consultation of medical doctors, attorneys, surgeons, mental health providers, clergy, etc. But who do these people turn to when they need assistance? It may not be as easy as you think.

After years of grueling education, internships, licensing boards and more, turning to someone for help can feel risky, intimidating and humiliating. Helpers often feel that they have been given the training, exposure and education to “know better” and can feel embarrassed that they are struggling.

Furthermore, there could be a risk to a professional license if the nature of the struggle impairs the professional legally or ethically. There can be fear that colleagues would lose respect for their abilities as a professional and worse that they could lose their job and even their career.

As a result, many “helpers” struggle alone. Often long beyond the time when they themselves may have recognized the need for support. At Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness, we compassionately understand this dilemma. Dr. Casey and her colleagues are sensitive to the confidential needs of professionals and we cater to issues of privacy and are sensitive to the specialized circumstances involved. Dr. Casey has previously worked with various organizations, employee assistance programs, licensing boards, employers, attorneys, professional treatment facilities, spouses and family members to help the “helper” deal with a wide variety of personal and professional issues.

Please don’t struggle alone. Call us to discreetly discuss the concerns you have and we will privately arrange a consultation to partner with you on your journey.

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