Scott Rosenthal


Master of Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Scott Rosenthal is a State of Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a Master of Social Work degree from Loyola University. He began his career working in a residential children’s home as a house parent and went on to become a psychiatric social worker inside the Cook County Jail. Scott eventually retired from the Federal Probation Office in Chicago to own and operate a forensic based private practice for ten years. As a licensed DASA provider (Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse) he has specialized in alcohol/substance abuse treatment and anger management issues.

Prior to accepting his position with Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness Scott worked with the U.S. Military. Over the last three years Scott has spent his time developing and implementing programs teaching our troops ‘resiliency’ through the blending of classic psychological and body-mind treatment modalities. Scott has recently returned from deployment to Djibouti, Africa where he has implemented these programs and provided counseling to our troops.

Scott takes a client-centered approach that encourages the integration of external behavioral change with an active exploration of one’s inner self. He has an interest in Evolutionary and Existential Psychology and believes that we instinctively seek a balance between our physiology and our environment. The balance is often mediated by our thoughts and need for meaning.

Scott is a backpacker, yoga practitioner and meditates daily. He plays competitive handball and is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. He has been married 33 years and has two adult children.


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