Dr. Annie Fernandez


Doctor of Psychology

Dr. Annie Fernández is a graduate of Carlos Albizu University with a concentration in neuropsychology. She has worked in multiple settings and has served clientele varying in culture, sexual orientation, age, language, literacy, and severity of mental health. She is highly skilled at providing treatment in English and Spanish and working within the family context.

Dr. Fernandez’s broad range of experience includes treating clients living with long-term illness and physical disabilities, at-risk/traumatized children and adolescents, crisis interventions and mediations, anger management, acceptance, relapse prevention and substance abuse prevention. Dr. Fernandez has presented on issues related to health psychology. She is well trained and adept in the area of assessment providing valuable skills in assessing disability, preoperative assessment for bariatric surgery, intellectual and cognitive testing.

Dr. Fernández is an avid advocate for her clients. She approaches therapy as a partnership with each client in which the pair work together toward managing barriers and reaching treatment goals. Embracing each person from a holistic perspective, all areas of the client’s life and environment are explored. Dr. Fernández employs a variety of evidence-based techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises and cognitive-behavioral techniques. The therapeutic space created in sessions encourages clients to make necessary steps toward improved coping and better living by becoming empowered, focusing on strengths and incorporating effective skills into daily practice.


photography: Robert Erving Potter III – www.rep3.com

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