Produced and developed by Paramount for their free online streaming service, Pluto TV, “Untreated & Unheard” details the of stories of families who have been changed by addiction and recovery.

“Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America” currently available on-demand on Pluto TV.

The new documentary transports viewers beyond the ‘doom and gloom’ statistics into the living rooms of individuals and families touched by this disease – families who didn’t know where to turn when their loved one was struggling with substance misuse,” said Creighton Drury, CEO of Partnership to End Addiction. “Thankfully, this documentary makes it clear that families should never have to navigate addiction alone, in isolation. Partnership to End Addiction exists to fill this gap – to provide answers, direct support and hope for families impacted by this dreadful disease.”

As many as 20 million Americans have a substance use disorder and yet only 10 percent are able to access care.

Tonia Ahern, a mother from New Jersey, has worked tirelessly to educate, support and empower families, and advocate for better and more integrated systems of addiction care. “Addiction is a disease that people rarely talk about openly and honestly. Our culture has made those struggling with substance use disorder and their families feel ashamed and left in the dark,” said Ahern, who volunteers as a parent coach at Partnership to End Addiction. I’m honored to be part of this documentary because I believe it will help change the negative narrative and reduce stigma.”

The film also features prominent addiction experts, including Nora Volkow, M.D., Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Fred Muench, Ph.D., President of Partnership to End Addiction. Portions of the film are also available on The documentary was made possible through the active participation and leadership of Horizon Media. Bill Koenigsberg, CEO and founder of Horizon Media, serves on the board at Partnership to End Addiction and enabled the production of this compelling documentary.

“So many people, in some way, are affected by drug addiction. Whether individually, a relative, a friend, or a colleague, no one is immune – but everyone can take the necessary action to ensure we begin to address the issues without stigma,” said Koenigsberg. “The unfortunate shame associated with drug addiction gave rise to the ‘untreated and unheard’ title of the documentary. We have a collective responsibility to make sure this story – the often muted stories of those living through addiction and how they are helping their loved ones – is no longer unheard and begins to inspire many more to hope and triumph.”

For families with a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder, you can find free tools, help and hope at,

You can watch the entire documentary at Pluto TV.

Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America

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