It’s not about the food, it’s about how you live your life and your relationship with yourself“.


The ‘Trim Life Weight Release” program combines in-depth group support, education and hypnotherapy to identify critical life issues that keep you ‘stuck’ and unable to affect positive change in your life.

The use of hypnosis in the Trim Life program raises your conscious awareness and you will become mindful of how you respond to food triggers throughout your day and the choices you ultimately make. Moreover, once we understand what triggers our desire to eat, and why, we are able to see past the food to our core life issues and replace them with nurturing, fulfilling behaviors that do not include food.

Dr. Casey, and her assistant, will lead this dynamic group for 12 weeks guiding you through Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, the time of year the average American gains 10 pounds, so that you may begin 2015 as your best year ever!

Whether you have a lot, or a little, to ‘release’, we welcome you to this group. Let this be the holiday season you ‘gain control’, not weight!

The Trim Life Weight Release group begins October 23, 2014.

4:00pm to 5:30pm

Insurance Accepted

Call: 888-261-2178 to reserve your place today or use the online form below (see participation requirements below).

The Trim Life Weight Release group requires a willingness to be open and honest with yourself and others, the willingness to be hypnotized and the desire to be an active participant in a nurturing support group. This three month session is just the beginning of a life-long journey of self discovery and growth and is not a ‘lose weight quick’ scheme. The Trim Life Weight Release group will provide you the tools to affect positive change in your life and, with your dedication, the ability to succeed.

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