Teletherapy Services

Is Teletherapy Right for Me?

Remote consultation with healthcare providers is as old as the telephone or even the telegraph. Recently, “telehealth” has come into its own based in the need to socially distance due to the COVID pandemic.

Though remote teletherapy sessions do not replace the benefits of face-to-face, in person, appointments, many patients now choose teletherapy sessions as their primary method of meeting with their therapist.

Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness is pleased to offer remote teletherapy sessions for those patients who may be unable to get to our office either due to physical disability or time or scheduling constraints.

Here’s some answers to common questions about remote teletherapy.

What type of services are available?

  • One on one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Addiction counseling
  • Mental health screening
  • Anxiety and depression monitoring

What can I expect?

Teletherapy sessions are, typically, video calls on a computer, tablet or smartphone but may also be conducted via telephone calls. The advent of “smartphone apps” allows for a number of tools that may be used for behavioral telehealth care ranging in scope from the ability to monitor one’s moods or other health data including diet and other physiological factors. Other mobile applications may provide benefit outside of appointments like the ability to follow guided meditations, exercise programs or diets.

What will I need for a teletherapy session?

You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and either an internet connection or a data plan for your mobile phone or mobile device. If you do not have any of these items, ask your therapist about an audio only teletherapy session with a standard telephone.

Getting Prepared

Do I need special accommodations? If you need assistance like a screen reader (vision impaired) or closed captioning (hearing impaired) or a translator (English is not your primary language), then these need to be addressed before your first teletherapy session.

Watch your email for instructions: Keep a close watch on your email and text for any communication or instruction(s) from your provider’s offices. This can include information about the time and the link to your appointment and whatever log on information you will need to join the session.

Do a “test run” before your appointment: If your therapist does not offer to test the technology prior to your appointment, find a friend or family member who can. A few minutes of “test drive” of the technology can save lost time in your therapy session.

Verify your health insurance: If this is your first teletherapy appointment, make certain the office has your current healthcare insurance information.

How much will teletherapy cost?

The cost of your sessions will depend on many factors including the therapist and your health insurance company. If you do not have health insurance then out of pocket payment is also accepted. If you don’t have health insurance financial assistance may be available through your local state government.

Is my teletherapy session “private”?

Your teletherapy session is as private as an in-person appointment. Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness has taken steps to provide for HIPAA compliant remote therapy sessions to insure the safety and security of your PHI (Personal Health Information).

Your therapist will provide you with instructions as to the time and method of your session prior to your appointment.

Make certain you are in a quiet space for your appointment.

Your First Teletherapy Appointment

Be prepared:

  • If you have specific questions for your therapist, write them down ahead of time and have them readily at hand.
  • If your therapist gave you specific assignments or tasks, have these completed and be ready to report on your progress.
  • Be on time; be ready and “signed in” to the session before your therapist arrives.
  • While waiting for your session to begin, test your microphone and camera. Your therapist will “let you into the room” when the session starts.

Have a great session!

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