Suicide is a cry for help, know what you can do to help!

Suicide can be a difficult topic to talk about, but I can assure you that suicide is preventable and depression is treatable. A well-known saying about suicide is that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”.

It is important for you and your loved ones to know that feelings that trigger thoughts of suicide are usually temporary. Here, I have a listed some tips for getting through those temporary moments of distress in the hope of helping you prevent suicide.

  • Suicide is a cry for help! Whether you are noticing suicidal thoughts in yourself or a loved one, this is your sign to work on getting help. Most people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts do not actually want to die. Fewer than 1 in 3 people who have had suicidal ideation have attempted suicide. Rather, they don’t know how best to handle the situation or triggers that cause them to feel suicidal.
  • Know the Warning Signs. Some commons signs and symptoms of suicide; feeling like a burden, increased anxiety, looking for access to lethal means, expressing hopelessness, making plans for suicide, giving away possessions, saying goodbye to friends or family, isolation, and violent or rebellious behavior to push others away.
  • Listen! It is important to find someone who is willing to listen to you. Or, if you are concerned about a loved one, the most important thing you can do is be a good listener. All people have a basic need to be understood and feeling understood may help a suicidal person’s recovery. Demonstrate deeper empathetic insight by exploring metaphors, analogies, and imagery to enable expression of painful or distressing feelings. Focusing on connecting with others is important!
  • Ask the person, “Are you feeling Suicidal”? Many people fear that asking this question will create a desire to die by suicide. This could not be further from the truth. Asking this simple question allows the person to share their feelings honestly with less fear of stigma.
  • Get Help! We all go through tough or scary times. It is important to seek professional help to have a safe space to talk about mental health concerns and work on ways to handle the situations or triggers that cause suicidal thoughts and feelings.

At BBHW, we have clinicians who can help. Please feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment at 888-261-2178.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call 911 or contact your nearest emergency room or suicide hotline.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
You Matter:

Your Life Your Voice
Call: 1-800-448-3000
Text 24/7/365: Text VOICE to 20121

The Trevor Project
Call: 1-866-488-7386
24/7/365 Crisis intervention and suicide prevention phone service
TrevorText 24/7/365: Text START to 678-678

Brittany Salvador


Brittany Salvador is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has been in the field since 2009 in a variety of settings including community, private practice, institutions, and hospitals.

Utilizing mindfulness and acceptance strategies, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, Brittany strives to help clients develop the self-awareness and coping skills to manage problems as they arise.

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