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Grief During the Holidays – Living Beyond Our Pain Points

The holiday season can be a sad and difficult time for those struggling with grief from personal loss. What most don’t realize is that it will usually takes a person, suffering from loss, to live through a year of events, without the person, pet, or ‘thing’ they have lost, to become accustom to ‘living without’.

During this time of grieving we will experience the ‘classic’ ‘Five Stages of Grieving’. The Five Stages of Grieving are; Denial & Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

For those passing through this period of grieving and growth toward a ‘new reality’, Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness has put together a handy reference guide to help during the holidays.


Click on the picture of the publication to download. Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent required to view this document.

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