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We provide a wide range of psychological and wellness services that embrace the concept of body, mind & spirit.  Our goal is to provide quality behavioral health services in combination with holistic practices to support and encourage health & healing.  We address the concerns of individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations to assist in designing a plan for meeting their immediate and long term goals.  Recognizing the unique needs of each person and situation, no one approach is the same as any other.

We believe in connectedness and that all providers have something different to offer in terms of treatment and healing.  By combining a group of specialists, we offer the opportunity for a good prognosis.

Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness is intentional about selecting providers who believe that their work is their “Calling” in life.  They are people who have been through distress at times in their own lives and the questions that arose lead them to the path that shaped their specialty. They have been through “the school of life” as well as being highly educated and professionally credentialed.

Our providers will be in communication with your other practitioners;  Physicians, Psychiatrists, Pastors, Family members, Treatment Centers, Professional Boards, Managers, Employee Assistance Programs, Schools and Legal Services in order to provide a good continuity of care.

We believe in resilience.  Whether you are just beginning, or have tried repeatedly, we are here to help you “fly”.

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