Learning compassion during trying and uncertain times requires but mindfulness and breath

Right now, things are difficult for most people as we continue to navigate adjustments through the new normal. A lot of us are working diligently to adjust to these changes quickly. This means that a lot of us are also finding ourselves confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Adjustment requires us to use all of our problem solving, critical thinking, and self-awareness skills. Unfortunately, as we try to adjust, it’s easy to turn that frustration in toward ourselves and exhibit more self-criticism rather than the compassion and support we need during this time of uncertainty. Worse, we may be turning our frustration toward others who aren’t adjusting in the same way that we are or can. The good news is this, the only tools required to work through this is your mind and the ability to breathe. This is the essence of ‘mindfulness’.

Begin by bringing yourself to the present and recognize this is likely your, and others, first time having to adjust to such a large scale scale event, like a pandemic. As you think of that, breathe in slowly, and breathe out slowly. Realize that “first times” are often mistake-ridden as we are, simply, learning something new. If your mind wanders, that’s okay. Simply redirect your focus to your breathing. Breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly.

Breathe in to this experience.

Breathe out Confusion.

Breathe in the compassion you and others need right now.

Breathe out frustration.

Continue this exercise until you feel more at ease and kind toward yourself and others.

If you are, or someone you know is, feeling lost, overwhelmed, depressed or in need of support during this these trying times, we at Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness are here to help.

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Brittany Salvador


Brittany Salvador is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has been in the field since 2009 in a variety of settings including community, private practice, institutions, and hospitals.

Utilizing mindfulness and acceptance strategies, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, Brittany strives to help clients develop the self-awareness and coping skills to manage problems as they arise.

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