This post originally premiered April, 2015

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has been rebranded and is now available at

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month and while many of us think we drink “normally”, we may, in fact, have an alcohol dependency or addiction.

Alcohol Awareness Month provides us a time when we can take a look at our drinking habits and make an assessment as to whether we may be drinking too much.

There are many resources available to help determine if we may have a drinking problem and we have included some of those here. Each of these provides for some form of self assessment, typically a quiz, in which the results will suggest if we have a problem with alcohol. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when performing these self-assessments:

  • We need to be honest when answering the questions.
  • We can substitute any other behavior for alcohol or drinking (gambling, drugs, sex, etc.).

Each of the links will take you out of the Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness (BBHW) website to an independent organization. Please note, BBHW is not in control of, or responsible for, the privacy or terms of use of any third party website or organization.

if you think you may be at risk of misusing alcohol we hope you will take the quizes at these links to see if you may have trouble with alcohol or drug use or self-soothing or medicating behavior.

We have included links for adult and teen assessment quizes.

A.A. Self Assessment Quiz Self-Test for Teenagers Self-Test for Adults

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