Raymond Heppner, LSW

Raymond Heppner


Master of Social Work
Licensed Social Worker

I specialize in providing empathetic and effective psychological support tailored to individuals across various age groups. With a rich background in psychology, I’ve successfully worked with a diverse range of age demographics. My passion lies in assisting individuals dealing with trauma, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, codependency, and co-occurring disorders. At the heart of my services is a commitment to placing you, the client at the center of our journey together.

The techniques that I will often utilize within the therapeutic sessions can include, but is not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Narrative Therapy, Strengths Based Therapy, Problem Solution Based Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. I believe in creating an environment where you, as the client, will feel safe and secure. Remember that you are entitled to happiness as well as serenity within your life and together we can help you to achieve that!

I am a passionate and affirming therapist dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for individuals within the LGBTQIA community. If you’re seeking support on your journey of self-discovery and healing, you’ve come to the right place. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA community myself, I understand the unique challenges and triumphs that come with navigating your path. My practice is grounded in respect, empathy, and a deep commitment to providing affirming mental health care for all identities.I specialize in addressing substance use issues and codependency with a compassionate and understanding approach. Whether you’re exploring your relationship with substances or seeking to break free from codependent patterns, together we can navigate these complexities with empathy and skill.

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