Michael Hugo


Master of Arts Pastoral Studies
Master of Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Michael Hugo has combined clinical social work and spirituality his entire career. Hugo is a graduate of The Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University of Chicago where he obtained a Masters in Pastoral Studies. He has worked in a variety of settings including The Jewish Children’s Bureau in Chicago, St Mary’s Church in Lake Forest, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, and Loyola Academy. He has also maintained some private practice work throughout his career.

Mr. Hugo studied at The University of Chicago where he earned his Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and has a passion for working with youth and has specialized in addressing issues specific to men. His understanding of family systems assists in facilitating communication between youth and parents, teachers or other authority figures. Michael is skilled at connecting with youth on their level.

He also works with couples assisting them with improving communication, identifying the points of connection and resolving issues utilizing Gottman methods. Michael also has a keen understanding of the addictive process, particularly as it relates to online process addictions.

During the pasts 20 years, Hugo has been interested in working with American Veterans understanding the trauma of war and the impact it has on families. He has specifically worked with those returning from recent wars in the Middle East. Michael draws on both his personal and professional experience in the areana.

Michael welcomes people of all ages and blends clinical expertise with spiritual theoretical knowledge. He enjoys his own family life and keeps himself in balance with a good sense of humor.

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