Mary Arbuthnot


Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Master of Social Work

After an accomplished management career in the private business sector, Mary decided to pursue her passion and enter the social services field. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from UIC, Jane Addams College of Social Work. She began her transition into the field initially by opting to learn with the best and hone her skills for several years with the unsung heroes in child welfare at Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Joliet.

Preserving families trying to remain intact led to working with newly reunified families. And that led to working more therapeutically with moms and dads whose children had been removed from their care for some time, but were close to anticipating becoming whole families once again. And that eventually prompted a move to full time therapy embracing folks of all ages.

Over the years, Mary has worked for private practices and public agencies in both practitioner and managerial level capacities. She is an active member of the NASW.

Since joining, BBHW, Mary has dedicated most of her time to working with seniors and retirement facilities, supporting residents and staff with transitions and helping clients make the most of accepting new lifestyles. She prefers to engage with clients and find reason to laugh and encourage them to remember that life isn’t always so serious. While in session, they may recollect about “what used to happen when…”, or perhaps descend helplessly into giggles, or even decide that thinking outside the box may need to be brought inside now! One goal often included is recognizing that perhaps the bigger picture is what is important: we are here, we are healthy and can see what is around us. Smell the flowers, enjoy the sunshine, hang on and participate. . .

Mary is certified in Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias and has completed the University of Chicago’s Social Work with Older Adults Program.

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