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Jesse Green


Licensed Social Worker
Master of Social Work

Jesse Green earned his MSW (Master of Social Work) from Aurora University in 2020. He was inspired to do so after interning in a community mental health center to which he was subsequently hired. Jesse is comfortable working with all ages and genders spanning a wide varietyof  backgrounds and issues. Working with low income families and within the greater DCFS system instilled in him a deep passion for listening and working with people to reach solutions in their lives.

Jesse embraces a client centered approach and often uses the focused method of DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) to help his clients achieve positive personal growth and relief from thoughts and emotions that may be overwhelming. His interests and passions in psychology include men’s issues, anxiety, autism at any level and age, and substance abuse. Jesse has an innate ability to connect with teens and young adults in order to promote a nurturing environment of understanding and compassion.

His focus is to work with individuals, couples and families in order to reach calm, mutualy beneficial solutions that allow each person to feel empowered to clearly communicate their reality and needs while being respectful of others. Jesse has proven success coaching parents so they may reconnect with their children in order to do the critical work required to quell the chaos and rebuild healthy relationships.

Jesse has pursued additional training in alternative and creative therapies including sand tray and play therapy.

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