Dr. Genevieve Nehrt


Doctor of Psychology
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

I utilize multiple modes of therapeutic interventions (art, music, play, talk, etc.) in treatment planning to help better assess and treat each individual child, adolescent, and family’s needs. Treatment is designed to address the specific concerns of each individual; and is flexible to address multiple areas of needed growth.

I conduct individual, family and group therapy with children aged 4 to 21. I work with children and families to address issues related to anger, behavioral issues, problems with attention and focus, depression, self-injury, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, low self-esteem, communication problems, and specialize in adolescent substance abuse counseling.

Psychological evaluations are conducted from a biopsychosocial framework, where each individual’s history, current struggles, view of themselves and others, interpersonal relationships, emotion regulation, and cognitive abilities are addressed. Additional information on academic abilities and potential learning disabilities can also be included in an evaluation if requested.

My goal is to help each child and family develop skills to positively cope with current struggles and improve communication and support within the family to help improve overall psychological health.

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