Simple methods to maintain serenity under stress

The 7 tips I have for Trying to Stay Positive During a Difficult Time:

1. Start your day using positive affirmations such as acknowledging that “Today is a New Day with New Possibilities, I am a beautiful, creative person”

2. Make your bed in the morning. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Did you know that most successful CEO’s identify doing this as a way to get a head start in the morning?

3. Have something to look forward to every day. It can be simple as long as it is an enjoyable activity for you. Examples are: going for a walk, talking to a friend on the phone, creating something – a painting, a cake, a new recipe, reading a book for an hour, playing with your pet.

4. Reach out and help someone else. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while. He or she may be lonely and a phone call from you could be quite helpful. Call your township for volunteer opportunities. Sew masks for Elderwerks. Make cards for nursing homes.

5. Watch a short YouTube video clip of Seinfeld. Check out the inspiring video “Boatlift, An Untold Tale of 911 Resilience” narrated by Tom Hanks. It’s only 11 minutes long and is quite inspiring.

6. Try something new. Take free art classes on-line through Michaels Arts and Crafts website. There are Master Classes offered on-line that are interesting and fun. TED Talks are interesting.

7. Know that feeling sad and depressed are normal reactions during this uncertain time. Reaching out to a therapist can be helpful. Making a connection can relieve some of your feelings by having someone who will listen to you and validate your feelings. You are not alone!

If you are, or someone you know is, struggling with maintaining your calm in these trying times, we at Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness are here to help.

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Kathleen Kenney


Kathleen Kenney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling.

Kathleen’s use of a strengths-based perspective supports her work with a variety of clients; seniors, men, women and children, to overcome issues ranging from drug, alcohol and sexual abuse to codependency and esteem issues.

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