Hypnosis, Meditation and Recovery

Join Dr. Denise Casey Saturday, November 19, 2016, at McHenry Soberfest 2016 as she presents on the benefits of hypnosis and meditation in the recovery process regardless of addiction or behavior.

Dr. Casey will discuss how hypnosis and meditation produce a calm, natural state of focused attention which can produce a state of mind that is especially receptive to ideas and suggestions compatible with the person’s goals. Additionally, many in recovery benefit from hypnotic regression and ‘revisiting’ memories that may persist in negatively shaping our lives in the present. As such, many in recovery may find hypnosis to be a useful part of a total recovery program.

Similarly, meditation has been known to reduce stress which is a key antagonist in relapse. It is also generally accepted that meditation can help lower blood pressure, improve focus and concentration, self awareness and well being. Some believe it can even slow the aging process!

Dr. Casey will present Saturday, November 19, 2016 at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Presentations will be held at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm and there is a registration fee for attending the 27th Annual McHenry Soberfest.

We hope you can join us. Click on McHenry Soberfest for more information. A map and directions to the Grand Geneva Resort follow.


Directions to Grand Geneva Resort

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