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‘How does one become a butterfly?’ she asked pensively.   ‘You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar’.   Trina Paulus

September, 2019

LGBTQ plus Support Group

LGBTQ plus Support Group

This counseling and support group is designed to create an open and safe space for members of the LGBTQ community to share their experience, strength and hope, that they may help one another to overcome the challenges of the world around them. Come join us in this fun, informative and healing group. All are welcome. Call: 888-261-2178 or email: help@barringtonbhw.com
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Health Psychology for Chronic Illness

Health Psychology for Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness takes a toll on a person physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether one has been living with chronic illness for some time, or has been recently diagnosed, life can become overwhelming. If you are, or someone you know is, struggling with, or recently diagnosed with, a chronic illness, we at Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness can help. Phone: 1-888-261-2178 Email: help@barringtonbhw.com
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Free! Senior Booklet – Top 10 Questions in Caregiving for Dementia

Top 10 Questions in Caregiving for Dementia

As our population ages the number of Americans suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s increases, no family is immune from these changes. The best way we have found to help those with a family member with dementia is to be educated and prepared.

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Budgeting for Next Year’s Holidays

Budgeting for Next Year’s Holidays

Budgeting for next year's holiday spending. Follow these steps throughout the year to be prepared to spend what you need, when you need, and cover all your gift giving for next holiday season. Do you have problems saving money or spending too much? Think you may need help? Contact Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness at 888-261-2178
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Questions About Bipolar Disorder

Questions About Bipolar Disorder

If you, or someone you know, suffers from mania, depression or bipolar episodes, there is help. Contact Barrington Behavioral Health and Wellness to schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists. Call: 888-261-2178 or email help@barringtonbhw.com
Affirmations that Work

Affirmations that Work

20 Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life - The benefits of long term 'work' with positive affirmations can include improved self esteem, gratitude, logic functioning and the ability to maintain balance during the stress of daily life. If you think you could benefit from an 'esteem boost' try our 30 day challenge. Or, to learn more, call Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness at 888-261-2178.
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Recognizing the unique needs of each person and their situation, BBHW combines holistic practices with traditional psychological methodology to craft a course of health & healing that embraces the whole of the body, mind & spirit. Click the heart to learn how we can help you!

Here you can find answers to many questions you may have before your first visit with us.  You will find an intake form we’d like you to review and fill out ahead of time and bring with you to your first session. You can also find insurance providers that support your work here with BBHW. Finally, there’s information about what you can expect during your first visit.

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